MIS In Excel

Point You Should Know Before Creating MIS in Excel

  • Before creating any MIS report you should know EXCEL in dept. Then create report template based on your requirements.
  • Remember you should create MIS template in such way that it is easy to read (Easy to understand) for your upper management ( TL, Manager, VP, MD etc.). So that they can easily find the insight from report.
  • Collected all the raw data which are required for report. May be you need to collect data from different departments (Marketing, Sales, Customer service, Information technology etc.) or from your different clients
  • Do mining or Cleaning on your raw data i.e. remove all unnecessary data from raw data.
  • Always keep your raw data in different sheet. So that it is easy to link to your report.
  • Now it’s time to link your data to your MIS template using excel formula. You can use Vlookup, Hlookup, Sumifs, Sumif, CountIf, CoutIfs, Match and Index etc. formula depends on your need.
  • Use PIVOT TABLE to create summarized report, use slicer to filter your data, user chart designs to inprove your pretension
  • Now your raw data converted into well structured Report. That report will give the helpful information to your organization or Individuals for whom you creating report.
  • Final and most important step is to check your report whether numbers are following the trend or not, is there any error is  showing   #N/A, any #values etc. so correct that Error
  • MIS -Management Information System reports are actually highly planned report unlike other reports. First things first, think what reports will be beneficial to Management i. a little time.
  • Have good expertise in Excel. Make a clear idea what you want to show them and ask yourself whether it would be beneficial to the management or not.
  • MIS reports are nothing but dashboards and decent pictorial representations of your data. Learn advance excel techniques like pivots, functions,charts, graphs, sumifs and other functions.

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