As per my point of you looking towards the Excel, Excel is not Just Application, It can Boost your Career, Most of the Companies required to Manage their data in efficient manner present them as per requirement of their client, for Board Meetings and many more things in Organization,

Computers, in all forms, have become an integral part of our daily life. Some estimates say that by the end of 2015, there will be more Indians carrying smartphones in their pockets than there are Americans doing so! Computers may not appear essential for everyone but today, the lives of each and every person are affected—and often benefited — by their use and deployment. Governments, corporations and other organisations cannot operate efficiently and effectively without them. Some businesses, such as Amazon and Flipkart, run almost entirely on computer systems. In other cases, the use of computers by organisations, such as banks, ensure better services to customers.

Lets Learn Manage Your DATA Read this Blog MIS REPORTS IN EXCEL, It will definitely Help out  to Boost Your Career.

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What’s this thing they Call an MIS ?

Why should you wish to know any thing about MIS?

Well, Today none of us can Escape and MIS, all around us there is MIS, we interact them, we use them

Do you use the Mobile Phones? That is connected to Many MIS Reports, Your Electricity Bill, Your Bank Account Details, Do you buy item Online from Amazon or flip-kart? Do you  buy items from the store with your Credit Card?, Do you withdraw money from internet? Have you ever apply for Aadhar-Card?  Did you pay INCOME TAX? Do you received Board examination result?  Do you Reserve Ticket Online?  Do you received the Driver’s License? Have you ever been stopped by traffic police and paid a fine? And all of these things are connected to MIS

         Let’s say I want know, how much money i have in my Bank Account? this is something i probably need to know every week, every month, every so often, Why do i want to know this? may be i want to make some purchases, may be i need to pay some bills, may i like to cut expenses, in general obtaining all this information would have to make some key decision, here is an example personal finance MIS, people call it as WEBSITE


Personal finance MIS can answer following Questions

Have I received my Salary?
Has my cheque been Encashed?
What is my monthly Expenses?
How much did i charge to my credit card bill for eating out?
what is the interest rate on my fixed deposits?

So I must tell you the one thing to you guy’z without MIS its not possible to stand your company in the Competitive  Markets do, so what you are thinking till just CLICK HERE as switch my channel and view more



  1. Profit and Loss Projection
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Cash Flow Statements
  4. Working Capital planning
  5. Capital Budgeting


  1. Variance Analysis
  2. ROI analysis


  1. Daily Cash Reports
  2. Bank Reconciliation statement
  3. Inter-company reconciliations


Who Uses MIS Reports?

MIS systems automatically collect data from various areas within a business. These systems are capable of producing daily reports that can be sent to key members throughout the organization. Most MIS systems can also generate on-demand reports. On-demand MIS reports allow managers and other users of the system to generate an MIS report whenever they need it.

Many large businesses have specialized MIS departments, whose only job is to gather business information and create MIS reports. Some of these businesses use sophisticated computing technology and software to gather information. However, the method of collecting information does not have to be that complex. Smaller businesses often use simple software programs and spreadsheets for their MIS reporting needs.

There can be as many types of MIS reports as there are divisions within a business. For example, information about sales revenue and business expenses would be useful in MIS reports for finance and accounting managers. Warehouse managers would benefit from MIS reports about product inventory and shipping information. Total sales from the past year could go into an MIS report for marketing and sales managers.


Managing Information

Have you ever thought about time travel? Going backward or forward in time would be a pretty cool thing to do. You could go back in time and relive parts of your life or go forward in time and see where you might end up or what your life might look like.

Now, we all know time travel is not possible (ummm, we do, right?). But one thing that is possible is going back in time to review information or data to help understand and manage our world better. We can also deploy some cool forecasting tools that can look into the future and give us an educated guess as to what might happen down the road.

While it might seem odd, we are talking about management information systems (MIS), which is an organized computer system that gathers data from within and outside the company and processes it so it can be used by management. The truth is, MIS is a critical part of the management process and a key aspect of quantitative management. Simply put, without data, we cannot manage effectively because all we would be going on is our instincts and subjective observations. The data that MIS manages allows us to look back in time, study the present or predict what might happen in the future by collecting and analyzing data.




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